Why Do Recruiters Not Contact Me?

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Everyday across Australia, thousands of resumes are read by recruiters but only a small percentage will be actioned and brought forward for an interview either over the telephone or in person. A lot of jobseekers get quite frustrated when they do not hear back from recruiters. I have compiled 5 reasons as to why this may be the case.

Contact number not listed on CV

I know this sounds silly but so many people get bogged down with the content of their resume, they forget to list their contact details. Always make sure your contact number is listed on each page of your resume and is clearly visible to make it easy for the recruiter to call you.

Role doesn’t match your skills

Recruiters are busy individuals. If they do not think they can place you for a role, the chances are they will not call you back to let you know. Make sure that you apply for roles that you honestly feel you are capable of, have the skills for and meet requirements for the role.

Your CV is unprofessional

On average, a recruiter will spend around 6 seconds looking at your resume. You need to make sure all the important information is present and stands out so they will read on further. If there are spelling errors or poor formatting on your CV, this will reflect poorly on your application and could present you in a poor fashion. Ensure your cv writing skills are up to scratch or engage a professional resume writer to assist you.

Job you applied for is no longer live

With the nature of the recruitment game, positions can be filled quite quickly and roles can still remain advertised online. When applying for a position and get the opportunity to speak with the recruiter, you could ask is the role still live and when is closing date. This will give you an idea of when you should expect to hear back or when you should follow up.

They forgot to contact you

I know this sounds like a poor excuse but recruiters are busy juggling client meetings and candidate interviews. You should follow up with recruiters via mail, phone or in person if that’s acceptable in the office. You never know, one phone call could lead to an interview which may lead to you landing a job.

I do hope this short article has helped and if you would like any further assistance, feel free to drop me a line. I also have published an e-book which goes into more details around job search specific to Australia which can be downloaded from here. You can read more of my blog posts online here too!

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