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What are Key Selection Criteria?

Key Selection Criteria (KSC) are essential qualifications, skills, knowledge, and attributes that employers require for a specific job. They are used to assess and compare candidates objectively. Addressing key selection criteria effectively is crucial in job applications to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

At Resumes For Dudes, we offer professional selection criteria writers perth. Our experienced writers understand the importance of aligning your skills with the specific criteria. Using the STAR and SAO techniques, we craft tailored responses that highlight your strengths and achievements.

Don’t let the challenge of addressing key selection criteria hold you back. Contact us today to learn how our selection criteria writing services can give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Close up of Resumes for Dudes writing a professional resume as part of their service in Perth

Addressing Key Selection Criteria.

At Resumes for Dudes, we understand that addressing key selection criteria can be a challenging task. It requires a thorough understanding of the STAR and SAO techniques, as well as the ability to effectively showcase your skills and experiences in a compelling way. That’s where our selection criteria writing services come in.

STAR Technique: The STAR technique is a widely recognised method used to structure and articulate your responses to selection criteria. It stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Our experienced writers are skilled in using the STAR technique to craft impactful and evidence-based responses that highlight your abilities and achievements. We delve into your past experiences and extract the most relevant examples to demonstrate your capabilities to potential employers.

SAO Technique: The SAO technique is another effective approach for addressing selection criteria. SAO stands for Situation, Action, and Outcome. This method focuses on presenting a concise yet powerful narrative that showcases your problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and the positive outcomes you have achieved in previous roles. Our writers excel at using the SAO technique to create persuasive and engaging responses that leave a lasting impression on hiring managers.

When it comes to securing your dream job, addressing key selection criteria plays a crucial role in setting you apart from other applicants. 

Our experienced team of writers understands the intricacies of selection criteria and knows how to effectively showcase your skills, qualifications, and experiences. We use a combination of the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) and Situation, Action, Outcome (SAO) techniques to create compelling and tailored responses that resonate with hiring managers and selection panels.

By choosing our selection criteria writing services, you can be confident that your responses will be persuasive, concise, and aligned with the specific requirements of the role you’re applying for. We take the time to understand your background, achievements, and career goals to ensure that your responses accurately reflect your unique strengths and capabilities.

With our assistance, you can save valuable time and eliminate the stress of addressing complex selection criteria on your own. Our dedicated team will work closely with you, providing personalised guidance and feedback throughout the process. We are committed to delivering high-quality results that increase your chances of securing an interview and ultimately landing that dream job.

Don’t let the daunting task of addressing selection criteria hold you back. Contact us today to discuss how our selection criteria writing services can assist you in effectively and efficiently addressing key selection criteria. 

Pricing to Address Key Selection Criteria.

When it comes to addressing key selection criteria, the cost can vary depending on the specific job requirements. At Resumes for Dudes, we provide personalised pricing based on the complexity of the criteria and the number of responses needed. On average, our prices for addressing each selection criterion start at around $75.

We believe in offering transparent and competitive pricing, ensuring you receive a fair quote that reflects the value of our high-quality services. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalizsd quote for addressing your key selection criteria.

How Our Key Selection Criteria Service Works.

Number 1

Send us a Job Advert Link & your Resume.

To get started, simply email us or upload your resume to our website. Make sure to include a link to the job advertisement that you’re applying for. This will help us understand the specific requirements and tailor your responses accordingly.

Number 2

Get a Quote.

Our team will carefully assess your materials and provide you with detailed feedback. We will also provide you with a quote for our key selection criteria writing service. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

Number 3

Telephone Consultation.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with our service and payment has been received, we will schedule a telephone consultation with you. This consultation allows us to gather additional information about your skills, experiences, and achievements. We will delve deeper into the selection criteria to ensure we capture your unique qualifications.

Number 4

Do Some Homework.

In some cases, completing additional research or homework may be necessary to address the key selection criteria effectively. As criteria require specific examples from your career, we need to work with you to obtain these. If this applies to your situation, we will provide you with guidance and resources to help you gather the necessary information and insights.

Number 5

Review Your Selection Criteria Draft.

After conducting thorough research and analysis, we will prepare a draft document that addresses the key selection criteria in a persuasive and tailored manner. We will send this draft to you for your review and feedback. We encourage open communication during this stage to ensure that the final document reflects your strengths and aligns with your career goals.

Why Choose Resumes for Dudes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

It may seem like a lot of effort but if an advertised position is seeking responses to selection criteria, it is essential you attempt to address each criterion listed. For many advertised positions, failure to address key selection criteria can result in your application being pulled from the application process.

Before you can address the key selection criteria, you need to consider whether you have the skills or qualifications needed to satisfy the core requirements of the position. This is particularly important for a Government recruiting process, where the interview panel must be able to justify that the applicant selected for the position has adequately demonstrated their suitability by addressing the key selection criteria.

At Resumes for Dudes, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your skills, experience, and qualifications so we can craft responses to selection criteria that will give you an excellent chance of securing an interview.

Some employers, especially those in the public sector, are now seeking applications in the form of a cover letter, sometimes specifying a length of no more than two A4 pages. This can make it tricky when you have key selection criteria that still need to be addressed.

If you are restricted to a two page cover letter, be sure to include as much detail as possible about your skills, qualifications, and experience, to effectively answer the selection criteria. While this may seem difficult, it can be easier to get straight to the point by providing specific examples that directly address each criterion.

When writing a cover letter with key selection criteria, you should avoid using words that simply fill a space, instead focussing on information that will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Thankfully, if this all seems too hard, the selection criteria experts at Resumes for Dudes are on hand to prepare you a killer cover letter that will give you an advantage in a selection process.

Most job advertisements will specify the length they require for you to address key selection criteria. In these cases, it is advisable to stick to the specified length. However, in cases where no length is specified, there are some general rules you can follow to avoid writing too much or too little.

Generally, you should keep your selection criteria responses brief and succinct, while providing enough information to effectively answer each criterion. Half-a-page to one-third-of-a-page is sufficient to provide enough detail, while remaining brief enough to retain the reader’s interest. Anything greater than three-quarters-of-a-page would likely be considered too much.

You need to consider an interviewer might receive dozens, possibly hundreds of applications for an advertised position. Reading applications can be a tedious exercise, so you don’t want to write so much that the reader loses interest. Conversely, you need to include sufficient detail to give the interviewer a clear understanding of the breadth of your skills, qualifications, and experience.

Successful Selection Criteria Applications With...

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Based on 364 reviews
powered by Google
Matthew BraceMatthew Brace
11:08 22 Jun 23
I was that, "and by the way can you.." guy. Patrick was patient and precise. I requested 1 resume, and two 2 separate cover letters. The documents have been completed to such a high quality or I can say is money well spent.
Nigel WixonNigel Wixon
07:41 11 Jun 23
Last month Patrick created my new resume and cover letter, both exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was professional and completed in a timely matter. Amazing service and highly recommended.
Nim BhharathhanNim Bhharathhan
04:17 05 Jun 23
Amazing service. Pat and Paula have made me feel more confident about an approach to write a resume. I really found the 'health check' very useful because it has allowed me to tailor further resumes for submission. They have also given me brilliant advice to coping with job application wait times.I can't wait to hear back about the resume and will reupdate the post when I get the final version of the resume.Edited: Two companies have called me for an interview within 12-24hrs of viewing the resume - this is brilliant and i have tried so many different templates, to no avail.
dex proctordex proctor
07:36 12 May 23
Patrick was really helpful, easy to talk to, knew the right questions to ask to get the information he needed and provided me with a great resume. I would recommend his services to anybody wishing to update or review there resumes.
Thomas LivermoreThomas Livermore
01:34 27 Apr 23
Highly recommended.Patrick really took the time to understand my position, skills and requirements before providing an outstanding resume and cover letter.His process and our discussions were excellent in pinpointing what was important & relevant in my resume; the final result gave me the feeling I could apply for the role I wanted with a certain level of confidence.
Cal McIlwaineCal McIlwaine
14:33 17 Apr 23
Patrick has been a fantastic help and has made the process absolutely seamless. Been friendly and has went over and beyond at each step of the way. Highly recommended and the best in the businesses 👌🏻
Laura BardottiLaura Bardotti
05:17 15 Apr 23
Patrick has been an absolute legend. His professionalism, communication and personal support exceeded my expectations! He finalised my Resume and Selection Criteria not only in a timely manner, but also in an exceptionally professional way…. Amazing job Patrick, thanks again!!!
Bob LallyBob Lally
09:38 26 Jan 23
Iv had Patrick create and update my resume for over 7 years now and am never disappointed with the results. Always a friendly easy going service with great advice/ feedback and is money very well spent when your resume is the difference between you that getting the job you'd hoped for. I'd happily recommend his services to anyone
Gerrit NienaberGerrit Nienaber
02:59 12 Jan 23
Contacted Patrick to help me get my resume in shape. He was fantastic to deal with, made suggestions that I would never have thought of and I am really happy with the final product. I always thought that I can do things like update my resume myself, but have come to realise that it is worth asking for help. If you are thinking about a job change, give Patrick a call.
Michael ClementsMichael Clements
01:57 07 Jan 23
Resume For Dudes is a first class experience . Patrick was able to capture essential and relevant information within my resume , cover letter and my linkedin profile. I have been amazed at the response from both recruitment agencies and potential employer's , which has enabled me to find the most suitable job in line with my career expectations. Well worth the the investment to utilise Patrick`s services . He is a top operator who delivers on his promise. Cant speak highly enough of my experience in dealing with Patrick and highly recommend his services to everyone in the job market
Andy CrasterAndy Craster
09:30 05 Jan 23
I needed my CV updated urgently. I was not expecting a call from a potential employer at all. My CV hadn’t been updated for 2 years, I got straight in touch with Patrick, had a ten minute call explained my predicament that I needed my CV updated ASAP, he told me he had an express service and I got it back the next day less than 24 hours later and absolutely perfect and spot on. I could not be more grateful and appreciative of Patrick’s service as he had to juggle around a few meetings and rescheduled a few other things to get my CV back to me as the recruiter needed it by midday.Couldn’t recommend Patrick any higher. Great service and top bloke to speak to also.Will definitely be a return client.
Kashif KhanKashif Khan
07:10 16 Dec 22
Patrick, Thank you for your fantastic service. I needed clarification and took a long time to think I should hire someone to update my stuff. Is it worth it to spend a considerable amount of money? I googled and found a list of people who are into this business, and I chose you because of your Google reviews and rating. You were excellent throughout the process and have done an outstanding job. My resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile now look powerful and alive. I recommend you to my friends and family circle. You are not only running your business, but you are also helping people to succeed in their careers. I wish you all the best in the growth of your business. I will be in touch with you. Merry Christmas.
23:46 07 Nov 22
I engaged Patrick’s services back in 2017 and with his skills in developing my application I was successful in obtaining the job I was after. In fact I have not had issues with applying for extra work in the interim prior to ultimately secure full time employment Thank-you Pat!!
Ashley BarkerAshley Barker
01:58 26 Oct 22
Resume's for Dudes provides a service that's second to none - they did a great job with my resume' and my cover letter, and were prompt, professional and effective.I can't wait to begin applying for roles, and I'm confident that I'll achieve great outcomes thanks to Resume's for Dudes. Thanks again, Patrick!
Brenton SchultzBrenton Schultz
09:59 22 Aug 22
Paula was extremely helpful with the creation of a new Cover letter and Resume. I was very happy with the professionalism shown in the creation and layout of both documents and how they were tailored for the job I'm currently applying for. I can't recommend Resumes For Dudes enough.
Samuel GravettSamuel Gravett
05:52 29 Jun 22
Paula is extremely professional and insightful. She informed me straight up what my weaknesses were on my existing resume. With her help I feel so much more confident applying with my new resume and cover letter.
Jordan MooreJordan Moore
08:56 26 Jun 22
Awesome from start to finish. Patrick was excellent to work with and described the process well. Have been able to land many more interviews since having my resume and cover letter done. Highly recommend to anyone. Thanks Patrick.
Vanessa AtkinsVanessa Atkins
09:29 11 Jun 22
I have very rarely experienced such a high standard in customer service as was provided by Patrick. He immediately made feel that had a chosen the right person to help me overhaul my CV after years of neglect. His communication skills, professional conduct and timely response was outstanding. Thanks Patrick!
Ant KungAnt Kung
20:16 30 May 22
I was put onto Patrick via a friend and I had the pleasure of dealing with him directly for my new CV. It was an excellent experience, super fast turn around with a new superior document which has helped me immensely. Thank you kindly!
Mariana Goulart DenesMariana Goulart Denes
09:33 16 May 22
Amazing!!! 🙌I highly recommend RESUME FOR DUDES services.Patrick was really nice to work with, he is extremely professional and knowledgeable.My resume and cover letter are awesome and I would definitely hire myself after reading them!! 🙈😂Now I feel confident enough to apply for my dream job.Thank you so much and I will definitely spread the word!
Supreet SinghSupreet Singh
11:45 15 May 22
Really impressed with quality of service, professionalism, communication level throughout the process. Got what I need. Highly recommended
Amelia HamiltonAmelia Hamilton
05:21 12 May 22
Paula and Patrick helped me through law Summer Clerk recruitment this year. I applied for multiple jobs each with multi step application processes, in the end I was offered two jobs! I could not recommend this business enough, they are extremely knowledgeable whilst being receptive to suggestions you feel is right for you. I found Paula and Patrick personally wanted me to succeed and I would always look forward to telling them I got to the next round! As a student at University it was the perfect service to get me set up for my professional career and would recommend them to any student.
Judy RuckJudy Ruck
12:21 04 May 22
Patrick was extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable when it comes to what recruiters are currently requiring. His critique of the CV I had created was clear, concise and itemised where it fell short and probably why I wasn't getting considered -I appreciated his candid, thorough approach and the finished product was very polished. Something I couldn't have achieved on my own. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Chamidu ThennakoonChamidu Thennakoon
03:28 19 Apr 22
I am extremely happy with the timely service Patrick provided as well as with the outcome of my resume and cover letter. Patrick updated me throughout the process.Patrick has certainly exceeded my expectations! Thank you for your efficiency and advice also.Your professionalism and friendly service is much appreciated. Thank you once again for your help and excellent service. I would highly recommend Resume for Dudes to anyone!
khalil m rosskhalil m ross
04:17 15 Apr 22
I can not fault Patrick one bit. He’s professional, easy to work with, prompt with his service and not to forget an absolute wizard at what he does. The whole process was stress free and the results were quality. I cannot recommend Patrick enough and my only complaint is that I never did this earlier!Thanks Pat!
02:13 08 Apr 22
Patrick was extremely friendly and helpful, after sending my resume in and request for a quote Patrick responded with paragraphs of helpful feedback followed by a reasonable price to provide me a resume and cover letter. Patrick then spent half an hour with me on the phone to gather information on my background and used that to provide a professional and detailed resume/cover letter. I would recommend Resumes For Dudes to anyone looking for this type of service.
Matvey RaevskiyMatvey Raevskiy
01:51 04 Apr 22
Patrick provided me with an excellent all-around service. He was very professional, pleasant, helpful, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Most importantly, my resume and cover letter look brilliant - I am not surprised at the high number of outstanding reviews. I would definitely recommend Resume for Dudes if you want a reputable, experienced and Australian-based service. Thanks again Patrick, I will certainly pass your details along to my mates.
Gurkaran SinghGurkaran Singh
11:35 15 Mar 22
Patrick has helped me multiple times with my resumes and has always listened and guided me on what his thoughts are what needs to be changed. I love the way how he first looks at your old resume, sends feedback and if you want to update he sets up the call and finds out what kind of roles are you after and what sort of experience you have. For me I have a lot of transferrable skills that I can use for other opportunities and Patrick listed them extremely well. I'd more than happy to recommend resume for Dudes to anyone.
I was forwarded Patricks details by a friend and was extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and prompt turnaround for my resume and cover letter. I have already recommended his services to multiple friends. Definitely Recommend!!!
Gurkaran SinghGurkaran Singh
14:03 09 Mar 22
Patrick has helped me multiple times with my resumes and has always listened and guided me on what his thoughts are what needs to be changed. I love the way how he first looks at your old resume, sends feedback and if you want to update he sets up the call and finds out what kind of roles are you after and what sort of experience you have. For me I have a lot of transferrable skills that I can use for other opportunities and Patrick listed them extremely well. I'd more than happy to recommend resume for Dudes to anyone.
Noah JoncevskiNoah Joncevski
12:59 09 Mar 22
Fantastic and professional customer service! Rewrote my resume and did it excellently. Highly recommend Patrick to anyone who needs their resume rewritten!
Noor MatkurNoor Matkur
13:35 07 Mar 22
it"s really very helpful and friendly. I asked IPAULA many times for help and she didn't think about money she only wanted to help me this is why I recommend this service. it helped me find a job within 2 weeks.thanks alot I never forgot your help.
Emily BenthamEmily Bentham
03:38 04 Feb 22
Absolutely fantastic. Everything I asked for and more. Exceedingly well put together and written resume. Patrick was incredibly helpful and made the process very simple.
Patrick MalonePatrick Malone
01:25 25 Jan 22
I have used Resume for dudes a couple of times now over my career and each time Patrick has been professional and produced excellent quality work which has resulted in positive responses from my applications. Highly recommend using Resume for Dudes.
Bryan BarnettBryan Barnett
11:28 12 Jan 22
Fast turnaround time, good quality resume. Very happy with pat's service. Would highly recommend to anyone after a revamp of their existing resume.
Nicholas TonkinNicholas Tonkin
04:36 09 Jan 22
Super helpful and very easy to work with. Patrick was more than happy to answer any questions and provided honest and precise feedback. He tailored my resume for a specific job but I could easily change it to suit similar roles. I went from four pages of repetitive job history to two pages of quality information about me and my experiences. I should have done this years ago.
Derek GillDerek Gill
09:16 27 Dec 21
Great Quality and a very professional service. Patrick was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. I would definitely recommend his work to anybody looking to get a professional mining c.v written up.
Scott SymonsScott Symons
08:48 15 Dec 21
Repeat client of Patrick here. Overall I find him professional, efficient and reliable to produce the final product that I envisioned. This allows me to not worry about the rather dry admin side of the job search and instead focus on the more important things. Recommended.
12:50 12 Dec 21
I needed my resume reviewed quickly and Patrick was able to slot me in for an express service, completing overhauling and recreated my resume within one day. He called me to make sure that the information regarding my work history is accurate so he could present that in my resume in the most professional way possible.I was so impressed with the final result, with everything succinctly and wonderfully laid out which made it easy to read and connected the skills from my work history towards the job opportunity that I was applying for.A few weeks later I landed an interview and now after a long and comprehensive recruiting process, I got the FIFO job that I have been eyeing out for so long! Most memorable were repeated comments from my recruiters and managers about how clearly my resume was presented. Thanks Patrick for helping me successfully make this exciting career move. 🙂
Orla MoranOrla Moran
11:46 29 Nov 21
I was so happy with the service Patrick provided. Found him very professional he worked around my working hours to have a phone consult with me. Had my full resume and cover letter within a week and was very happy with the finished product.
05:35 09 Nov 21
After years of not needing a resume, I was dreading having to create one. Patrick made the process really straightforward. Extremely professional and highly recommended! Thanks for the great resume!
Dylan BellDylan Bell
03:51 23 Oct 21
I had Patrick do up a resume and CV for me, he was very prompt and detailed, even after the final drafts were sent was happy to answer a few more questions I had. Would recommend to anyone looking for this service and will use again
Paul BallantynePaul Ballantyne
21:42 10 Oct 21
Can highly recommend Patrick and the business. Quick to respond, professional and kept me informed every step of the way. Being in business for 32 years and never needing a resume before found it to be a pain free experience. Thanks again Patrick!
Kevin JonesKevin Jones
06:53 04 Oct 21
I recently had a resume and cover letter created by Resumes For Dudes.They were extremely professional and made the whole process quick and easy. Patrick was super helpful, friendly and kept me up to date.Extremely happy with the finished products
Phil CostantinoPhil Costantino
11:51 30 Sep 21
14/8/2019I came across Patrick from a Google search. I am selling my business and asked him to put together a resume for me. The process involved was energetic and efficient and Patrick’s ability to eke out information that was hidden in the recesses of mind was phenomenal. After 15 years out of the work force his knowledge and advice will hold me in good stead.Thanks heaps Patrick30/9/2021The original sale of my business fell through and has only just sold in the last month.I approached Patrick late last night asking if he would update my resume; I was more than happy to pay for the changes and his time. Patrick responded really quickly with an updated resume and refused any payment for it.I would strongly recommend Patrick not only for his resume work and his breadth of knowledge but also because he shows he cares.Thanks again Patrick
Michael StocktonMichael Stockton
05:49 16 Sep 21
I was recommeneded by a friend to use this service and it was very professional and helpful. My CV looks great and i am a lot more confident to hand it out now. I will be using again if i need help with any job applications.
Manreet KaurManreet Kaur
11:31 08 Sep 21
Very Professional service & Highly Recommended. I really wanna thank Patrick Harnett as he applied his beautiful & magical skills and knowledge to my resume. He contacted me and discussed very calmly with no rush my educational and employment background with me, also, the jobs i am looking to apply for. And even whenever i have any queries i sent out an email and he is very quick with the response. And the resume and general cover letter he provided is in a way that i can use to apply for any job role and is very clear & concise, very eye catching, to the point. It is represented in a very good and professional way that the employer might get impressed with. 😊
Peter LewisPeter Lewis
23:32 11 Aug 21
Patrick shared his excellent knowledge and applied his magic skill set to my resume. No frilly stuff just really good at extracting the facts and getting them represented in a way that when presented to an employer are really clear and uncluttered and in my opinion a cut above the rest. No easy task considering I have 30 plus years of employment to wade through . Thanks Peter.
Seth GilmoreSeth Gilmore
09:53 05 Aug 21
Extremely professional, responsive and easy to work with. I needed a Resume put together ASAP so purchased the express option and received my finalised documents in under 24 hours. Very happy with the service, I highly recommend them.
David GracieDavid Gracie
06:56 30 Jul 21
Great service. I only wish I knew about it sooner! Done a fantastic job on my resume. I highly recommend for anyone who has doubts on there current resume. You won’t be disappointed.
Mitchell LawlerMitchell Lawler
06:27 28 Jul 21
A massive big THANK YOU !! I got the job!! You created me a fantastic resume and cover letter for a job I desperately wanted. I am absolutely positive that without your very awesome efforts and very professional work, I would not have got that interview. Cannot thank you enough, very much appreciated! I will recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you so much!!
Darren DyeDarren Dye
03:13 22 Jul 21
Based on a recommendation by a work colleague I engaged Patrick to update my resume and assist with a cover letter. The end to end process was seamless, excellent communication, timely delivery and the end products were excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick to assist with your resume and cover letter requirements.
Solid OpinionSolid Opinion
13:25 16 Jul 21
Excellent communication. Took my shabby resume and turned it into a professional document!I highly recommend Patrick to any FIFO worker looking to spruce up their resume. He knows our industry and what we do!
Tom Campbell-ClauseTom Campbell-Clause
08:11 16 Jul 21
Patrick did a fantastic job on my resume. Was super efficient and was also really good at following me up when he required more information. Would well and truly recommend his services.Thanks very much
Alan CarrollAlan Carroll
10:22 04 Jun 21
This couldn’t have been an easier process with all the help I received from Patrick! From the very beginning, Patrick was immediate with his responses both via text and email. He thoroughly explained the steps to the process and all details in relation to costs and length of time required for completion. I was delighted with the end result and would highly recommend Patrick ! Cheers
Joshua MackieJoshua Mackie
07:52 01 Jun 21
Patrick was very helpful throughout the entire process. He was quick to reply and the information he gathered prior to commencing work resulted in very little changes required from the initial draft. I would definitely recommend him.
Liam LewisLiam Lewis
09:24 03 May 21
After some research I did into various resume writers. I contacted Patrick in the hopes he could clarify some of the issues with my previous resume. To say that he provided attention to detail to my chosen profession and a professional response is an understatement. I would highly recommend Patrick if you are looking at constructing your own resume. He is prompt with his work and the end product is a true reflection of what you are trying to convey to your prospective employers.Cheers Patrick!
George ChristieGeorge Christie
00:54 07 Apr 21
I was recommended Resumes For Dudes and it was the best recommendation I have ever had.They were great with there communication and feedback. There suggestions were exceptional and the final product was perfect for me.If you need a updated resume I would recommend them 110%.Paula knows what she is doing. So Just Do It !
Ian HannafordIan Hannaford
11:35 04 Mar 21
Patrick came highly recommended by a colleague of mine. Patrick runs an efficient and professional business. He answered all emails and linked in messages very promptly. My new resume is now concise and reads well. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.
chetan purichetan puri
18:54 25 Feb 21
Excellent Job done by Patrick. I got a resume done by Patrick last year, but recently started applying for roles. I applied 6 jobs in January 2021 and had got short-listed for 5 roles, waiting to hear from the last one.The roles I applied for were Director and Finance Manager roles. Resume is an Investment and definitely recommend Patrick, if you need a professionally done resume
V JosephV Joseph
08:26 19 Feb 21
Paula from Resumes for Dudes did a great job with my resume and covering letter. The response rate to my applications has improved significantly since using the resume and covering letter put together by her. I found the process to be simple and straightforward, Paula was prompt and proactive and very easy to work with. Thanks Paula.
Dan CDan C
02:41 04 Feb 21
Patrick was amazing with the work he did on my resume! From the advice he gave during the initial free health check of my resume through to the process of writing and completing the updated version. I definitely recommend his service and can honestly say within an hour of updating my resume on Seek I received an email saying a recruiter had viewed my profile and added me to their data base.Thanks Patrick for your efforts, love your work mate! Highly recommend this service, cheers..
Ansar SuriAnsar Suri
09:07 18 Jan 21
Process made easy and quick. They gave me what i wanted plus with helpful information and an excellent finish. Thanks Patrick
Nineteen 84Nineteen 84
06:21 07 Dec 20
After looking around at many of the resume writers in Perth i was recommended Patrick at resumes for dudes.He already had good reviews on google so i went with him. He runs An extremely prompt and professional service and i am delighted with the end result. Dont spend time wasting time looking for a good resume writer....Patrick is the guy.Satisfaction guaranteed....more than happy
Samantha WalkleySamantha Walkley
03:16 04 Dec 20
Paula and Patrick were incredibly responsive to my request to have my resume updated and cover letter drafted. I was able to apply for my dream job well before the close date. Paula was very friendly and made me feel at ease instantly. Highly recommend their services!
Pamela VallejosPamela Vallejos
12:09 26 Nov 20
Patrick checked my CV and I got very good advice and feedback. He corrected it and made it look great, not only in format, but also highlighting what was the most relevant information to show about myself. I am now ready and confident to apply for new jobs!

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