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What are Key Selection Criteria?

Key selection criteria are the skills, attributes, knowledge, and qualifications an employer considers essential to a job. Almost every position description contains key selection criteria in one form or another. Employers use key selection criteria to gain an understanding of your ability to meet the minimum requirements of an advertised position.

Before applying for a job, you should have a good read of the key selection criteria to understand what the position requires. At Resumes for Dudes, we comprehensively review a position’s key selection criteria to thoroughly understand the position and arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to craft you winning responses.
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Addressing Key Selection Criteria.

When responding to key selection criteria, you need to consider the relevance of your skills, experience, and qualifications in relation to each criterion listed in an advertisement. Addressing key selection criteria the right way gives you a higher chance of securing an interview for a position.

It’s a good idea to use examples of your professional experience when responding to key selection criteria. This gives employers an understanding of your skills and ability to resolve situations you would likely encounter in the course of a job.

At Resumes for Dudes, we have many years of experience in recruiting and writing resumes. We understand what hiring managers look for from applicants addressing key selection criteria. We use real-life examples to paint a picture of your skills and experience, providing employers with an understanding of how you would resolve a situation or determine a course of action if you were selected for a position.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

It may seem like a lot of effort but if an advertised position is seeking responses to selection criteria, it is essential you attempt to address each criterion listed. For many advertised positions, failure to address key selection criteria can result in your application being pulled from the application process.

Before you can address the key selection criteria, you need to consider whether you have the skills or qualifications needed to satisfy the core requirements of the position. This is particularly important for a Government recruiting process, where the interview panel must be able to justify that the applicant selected for the position has adequately demonstrated their suitability by addressing the key selection criteria.

At Resumes for Dudes, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your skills, experience, and qualifications so we can craft responses to selection criteria that will give you an excellent chance of securing an interview.

Some employers, especially those in the public sector, are now seeking applications in the form of a cover letter, sometimes specifying a length of no more than two A4 pages. This can make it tricky when you have key selection criteria that still need to be addressed.

If you are restricted to a two page cover letter, be sure to include as much detail as possible about your skills, qualifications, and experience, to effectively answer the selection criteria. While this may seem difficult, it can be easier to get straight to the point by providing specific examples that directly address each criterion.

When writing a cover letter with key selection criteria, you should avoid using words that simply fill a space, instead focussing on information that will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Thankfully, if this all seems too hard, the selection criteria experts at Resumes for Dudes are on hand to prepare you a killer cover letter that will give you an advantage in a selection process.

Most job advertisements will specify the length they require for you to address key selection criteria. In these cases, it is advisable to stick to the specified length. However, in cases where no length is specified, there are some general rules you can follow to avoid writing too much or too little.

Generally, you should keep your selection criteria responses brief and succinct, while providing enough information to effectively answer each criterion. Half-a-page to one-third-of-a-page is sufficient to provide enough detail, while remaining brief enough to retain the reader’s interest. Anything greater than three-quarters-of-a-page would likely be considered too much.

You need to consider an interviewer might receive dozens, possibly hundreds of applications for an advertised position. Reading applications can be a tedious exercise, so you don’t want to write so much that the reader loses interest. Conversely, you need to include sufficient detail to give the interviewer a clear understanding of the breadth of your skills, qualifications, and experience.

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Liam Lewis

After some research I did into various resume writers. I contacted Patrick in the hopes he could clarify some of the issues with my previous resume. To say that he provided attention to detail to my chosen profession and a professional response is an understatement. I would highly recommend Patrick if you are looking at constructing your own resume. He is prompt with his work and the end product is a true reflection of what you are trying to convey to your prospective employers.

Cheers Patrick!

Dan C

Patrick was amazing with the work he did on my resume! From the advice he gave during the initial free health check of my resume through to the process of writing and completing the updated version. I definitely recommend his service and can honestly say within an hour of updating my resume on Seek I received an email saying a recruiter had viewed my profile and added me to their data base.

Thanks Patrick for your efforts, love your work mate! Highly recommend this service, cheers.

George None

I was recommended Resumes For Dudes and it was the best recommendation I have ever had. They were great with there communication and feedback. There suggestions were exceptional and the final product was perfect for me.

If you need a updated resume I would recommend them 110%. Paula knows what she is doing. So Just Do It !

V Joseph

Paula from Resumes for Dudes did a great job with my resume and covering letter. The response rate to my applications has improved significantly since using the resume and covering letter put together by her. I found the process to be simple and straightforward, Paula was prompt and proactive and very easy to work with. Thanks Paula.

Ger Fogarty

I found Patrick and Paula very easy to deal with and professional to the end.

The time frame from start to finish was very quick as I required. Thank you very much.

Basil Joseph

Really professional and quick turnaround.

Paul Lipari

My new resume was completed the time he said it would, Patrick was easy to talk to, I got a lot of responses with in 2 weeks and new job in the only 3 weeks of my new resume.

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