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Resume Writing Services Tailored to the Australian Job Market.

When was the last time you had a good look at your resume? Does it have the latest information about your work history and your career goals? Is the language and detail sufficient to describe who you are and what you are about? At Resumes for Dudes, we specialise in crafting resumes that are tailored to the unique characteristics of the Australian job market.

Our team of expert resume writers near me in Perth will work with you to create a compelling document that highlights your key skills and accomplishments, ensuring that you stand out from the competition. Don’t settle for a generic resume that fails to capture your true potential – contact us today for a resumes Perth-based service that will take your career to the next level.

Our FREE Resume Health Check will let you know any weaknesses in your resume and offer tips on how to improve it to land your dream job. Alternatively, you can opt for us to make the necessary changes to bring your resume to the level where it needs to be to get you those all-important call backs. 

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Smaller Team = Higher Quality.

Close up of Resumes for Dudes writing a professional resume as part of their service in Perth
A small team doesn’t mean poor quality resumes. In fact, we keep our team small so we can maintain a close eye on quality and ensure your resume gets the attention it deserves. It also means you get a personalised, one-on-one service that only a small team can deliver.

Our Stress Free Resume Writing Process.

Our tried and tested resume writing perth process guarantees a high-quality result that gives you a better chance in a selection process. With Resumes for Dudes in your corner, you will be poised for employment success.

Number 1

Send Through Your Existing Resume.

The first step is to send your current resume to us for an assessment. We have a thorough review of your resume and provide you with detailed feedback about where it can be improved and a competitive, tailored, no-obligation quote for any work involved. If you have a current resume, you can send it to us via e-mail or upload directly to our website.

Don’t Have A Resume?

If you don’t have a resume, that’s not a problem. We can send you a comprehensive questionnaire that helps us build out your ideal resume, including your skills/qualifications, experience, and work history. We get the right information up-front to build you a resume that sets you on the road to employment success.
Number 2

FREE Resume Health Check.

If you are unsure of how effective your resume will be at landing your dream job, get in touch with us for a FREE Resume Health Check. We have a good look over your resume and provide you with detailed feedback, including key information about where and how it can be improved. If you would like resume writing help, you can send your resume to us via e-mail or upload directly to our website.

Number 3

Book in a Consult.

If you would like us to do the work on your resume, we provide you with a competitive, tailored, no-obligation quote for the work involved. If you wish to proceed with us, we book you in for a telephone consult, which generally takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Number 4

Resume Writing Begins.

Following the telephone consult, we have a pretty good idea of who you are and the extent of your skills/experience. Once payment is received, we set about building your resume. We send a draft resume for your review within 4 days after our phone consult.

Number 5

Drafts Provided and Review.

Once you receive your draft resume, we recommend having a really good read to see if it adequately covers the information you wish to convey to prospective employers. While we aim to get it right the first time, we offer 3 draft revisions free of charge, to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Number 6

Approval and Raw Files Provided.

Unlike many other professional resume writer perth, we provide your resume in both PDF and unlocked Microsoft Word (.doc) format. This means you can make edits or changes to keep your resume current. Of course, if you prefer, our resume writing services are always available for any edits/changes you wish to make.

You’re Ready to Apply for Jobs!

Once we have completed your new resume, it’s time to hit the streets and start applying for your dream job. With Resumes for Dudes on your side, you will be armed and ready to land the job you’ve been looking for. Check out our Testimonials to see the success our previous clients have had with us.

Our Process Explained in 44 seconds.

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How much are CV Writing Services?

Prices for our professional resume service perth generally start from $199 incl. GST. However, as your background and experience are unique, and each job is different, we prefer to provide individual quotes to effectively cover everything you will need to achieve job search success.

For example, executive CV services will differ from other services we offer, given the complexity associated with executive level positions. For your peace of mind, we offer a 100% guarantee on all our work.

Take the Next Step

Please send us your current resume for detailed feedback and a competitive, tailored, no-obligation quote for the work involved. You can send your current resume via:
We will get back to you with your tailored quote and options for payment.
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Why Choose Resumes for Dudes?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

With extensive knowledge and experience across a variety of industries, cv and resume writing services offer a unique perspective on what you need in your resume to give you a greater chance of edging out your competition. Resume writing services also know the type of language employers use and can tailor your resume to have the biggest impact in your industry.

One of the biggest detracting factors in any resume is spelling and grammatical errors. Our resume writers are highly skilled in the English language and carefully articulate your skills, experience, and qualifications to deliver quality information to potential employers.

Resume writing can be a time consuming process and you may not have the time and level of skill required to build a high-quality resume in time to submit your application for a job. By leaving the hard part to a professional resume writer, you will have more time to prepare your application and get ready for an interview.

Absolutely! Your chances of securing a job are significantly improved when you use a resume writing service. Professional resume writers know how to create a high-quality resume that effectively conveys your work history, skills, qualifications, and experience. We also know the right way to format your resume to make it easier for hiring managers to read and digest.

Working on your resume and LinkedIn profile together gives your LinkedIn profile writer an opportunity to create a consistent style and format between the two. This helps to establish a cohesive approach across all your digital and paper assets, which effectively launches your personal brand when you begin your job search.

Resumes for Dudes isn’t just for “dudes.” We offer our services if you are seeking executive level positions, to give you a greater chance of securing your ideal role. We research essential information to help us craft the right resume that resonates with executive level hiring managers in your chosen industry.

We carefully choose language appropriate to the professional position you are seeking, with specific examples to present your achievements throughout your career. We paint you in a way that suitably demonstrates not only your experience, but also your vision, your goals, and your career aspirations.


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Resumes For Dudes
Based on 364 reviews
powered by Google

See what our clients have said:

chetan puri

Excellent Job done by Patrick. I got a resume done by Patrick last year, but recently started applying for roles. I applied 6 jobs in January 2021 and had got short-listed for 5 roles, waiting to hear from the last one.
The roles I applied for were Director and Finance Manager roles. Resume is an Investment and definitely recommend Patrick, if you need a professionally done resume

Dan Man

Patrick was amazing with the work he did on my resume! From the advice he gave during the initial free health check of my resume through to the process of writing and completing the updated version. I definitely recommend his service and can honestly say within an hour of updating my resume on Seek I received an email saying a recruiter had viewed my profile and added me to their data base.

Thanks Patrick for your efforts, love your work mate! Highly recommend this service, cheers.

Samantha Walkley

Paula and Patrick were incredibly responsive to my request to have my resume updated and cover letter drafted. I was able to apply for my dream job well before the close date. Paula was very friendly and made me feel at ease instantly. Highly recommend their services!

Claire McManus

Following numerous unsuccessful attempts to secure an interview when applying for jobs I decided my resume needed a serious overhaul. Patrick was so efficient and helpful, from my initial contact to the completion of my new resume and cover letter. Patrick took the time to understand my work history and discover my future career goals. After my first application with my new resume and cover letter I was offered an interview. I can only credit Patrick’s hard work on making my new resume look more professional, concise and reader friendly.

I would highly recommend Patrick, Thanks again Patrick!

Barry Nelson

after being made redundant in May of this year i had the arduous task of finding myself a new job. My hit rate of application to interview was nearly 1/2 in every 10 applications. After a very painless conversation with Patrick he quickly started redesigning my Resume.

Patrick was quick, efficient and very professional and in around 4 days i had a Resume and cover letter to be proud of, Im now getting asked for a interview on nearly every application i submit and in less than 4 weeks have been out working for one WA biggest mine companies and about to go back up with another in coming weeks. Cant thank you guys enough !!

Samantha Harris

I got resume done for my husband. He only had a paper version which is almost 10 years, I had to scan and send all the information. I asked for the 24 hr express service and was extremely happy with the outcome. My husband isn't technically minded and when he read his updated resume he said " Wow it makes me sound Sh*t Hot ". he was also very happy, obviously haha. Thank you Patrick.

Jannes van der Merwe

I decided to use Resumes for Dudes because of the good reviews. Patrick exceeded my expectations and did an amazing job revamping my CV into a respectable Résumé format for Australia and he updated the content to make it flow better and he also managed to structure it better to give readers a solid insight into my background and skills. I would highly recommend using Resumes For Dudes.

Matthew Burton

Really great working with Patrick on my resume. The first job I applied for with the new resume and cover letter landed me a job interview. Would highly recommend his services. He takes time to find out about you and delivers a quality product with no fuss and within the stated timelines.

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