I Lost My Job – What Next?

In today’s job market – this is a question I am asked a lot. I decided to put together some key pointers on what you can do to take some positive steps in landing your next role.

1. Assess your situation.

This is where I advise people consider their career to date and what types of role they would like to secure going forward. Too often, people do not know what they are searching for. If you do not know what to apply for, this will make the whole process of finding a job a lot harder from initial application right through to interview.

2. Get your documents in order.

Once you have decided the finer details of what jobs you will be applying for, it is time to get your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and even Facebook in order. Nowadays, savvy recruiters will check your online and offline presence so you need to make sure you are presenting yourself as strong as possible in all of these regards. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance with professional resume writing or cover letters.

3. Start applying for roles.

People often just fire out applications daily and then forget about them. These applications should be tracked and followed up on. Sometimes a simple follow up can land you a job. Even follow up to see why you were not successful with an application can be a great learning tool. I recommend using a simple Excel spreadsheet to track your job applications with columns such as date, role title, contact person, company name and comments. You could also track in a notebook or journal.

4. Use your networks.

Ask people if they know of any job openings. This is a really useful way to get your foot in the door with an application and could easily land you a job. Talk to people in cafés, bars, social events etc. Exchange business cards or contact details.

5. Contact Recruitment Consultants.

Do some research and find people who recruit in your area. Approach these people by calling them or mailing them and try to arrange a meet up to discuss your requirements and how they could potentially help you. Recruiters are very useful and can be your eyes and ears in the competitive job marketplace.

I do hope some of these points have helped. If I can be of any further assistance – feel free to contact me anytime at info@resumesfordudes.com.au

I can offer assistance with Resume Writing Services, LinkedIn Overhauls, General and Tailored Cover Letters along with Selection Criteria and general job search advice.