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Why Do I Need a Professional Cover Letter for my Resume?

"You will NEVER get a Second Chance to make a Good First Impression.”
– Will Rogers, Actor

You might have a great resume, but is that enough to get your foot in the door? Often, the best way to achieve that is with a Cover Letter Writing Perth. But not just any cover letter; you need a professional cover letter customised to suit the job and industry in which you are applying.

Your resume and cover letter complement one another, providing hiring managers with a clearer understanding of who you are as a person. It’s a great opportunity to enrich the detail in your resume and present yourself in the way you want to be perceived, both professionally and personally.

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Highlight What’s Important.

A professional cover letter can be a great way to draw attention to important details in your resume, giving hiring managers a preview of what to expect if they read on. We go through your work history, looking for key points to raise in your cover letter that highlight your significant career achievements.

Let Your Personality Shine Through.

Your personality can be a key factor for companies looking for the “right person.” Getting to know you before we start work on your cover letter positions us with a clear understanding of who you are. We create a cover letter that presents you both as a professional and as a person.

Does Your Resume Truly Represent Your Experience?

Have you ever looked through your resume and thought it might be lacking sufficient detail to paint the picture of your career experience and work history?

A professional cover letter is a great opportunity to include additional information that could help get you over the line in a selection process.

Writing a cover letter with no experience can be difficult. We understand what hiring managers look for and tailor your professional cover letter to give you the best chance of edging out others in a selection process. A professional cover letter for your professional CV writers perth from Resumes for Dudes will help you stand out from your competition.

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What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a single-page letter that introduces you to an employer. It briefly outlines your skills/qualifications and motivations in applying for a particular job.

Your cover letter provides you with an opportunity to articulate additional information that is not in your resume. It also gives you a platform to showcase your personality and highlight significant career achievements or milestones, as well as your knowledge of the company.

Cover letters generally come in two formats:

General Cover Letters.

A general cover letter is most easily described as a cover letter that is tailored to a person, not to a job. These are very useful for making multiple job applications to companies.

Tailored Cover Letters.

A tailored cover letter addresses the specific requirements of the job you are applying for and aligns your skills with the job.

A professional cover letter for your resume, tailored for a specific industry and position, will resonate with hiring managers and help place you ahead of your competition in a selection process.

Why Choose Resumes for Dudes.

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How It Works.

General Cover Letters

Number 1

Upload your resume via our website and mention general cover letter in the comments section.

Number 2

We email you a quote for our general cover letter writing service (if you’re purchasing a resume writing service, we offer a discounted rate).

Number 3

You receive a general cover letter based on the skills and experience listed in your resume.

Tailored Cover Letters

Number 1

Email us a copy of your current resume and the job you want to apply for, or upload your resume directly to our website.

Number 2

We will email you a quote for a tailored cover letter.

Number 3

You receive a tailored cover letter based on the specified job position and your resume.

Free General Cover Letter Included in our Resume Writing Services.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Just as you were taught in creative writing classes during your old school days, your cover letter should contain three main components:

Beginning (introduction): A punchy opening to capture the hiring managers attention, explaining your intent in applying for the job and what you hope to achieve if you are successful in securing the position.

Middle (body): The guts of your cover letter, where you outline your education, skills/qualifications, work experience, and why you believe you are right for the job.

Ending (conclusion): A sharp, succinct closing paragraph that reinforces your skills/qualifications and what you can bring to the job.

The length of your cover letter will depend on the type of position you are seeking and the industry in which the position exists. Often, it can be difficult to find the right balance between including sufficient information to get your message across, while not being so lengthy that the reader becomes disengaged.

  • Read the advertisement carefully.

In some cases, an employer might dictate the length they desire for your cover letter. This makes it much easier for you to determine how long you your cover letter should be. It is a good idea to stick to what the employer has asked, as it shows you are able to follow instructions and work as a “team player.”

  • Word count is less important than quality content.

Generally, a word count of anywhere between 250-400 words is a good length for a cover letter, unless otherwise specified by the employer. However, word count should not be the key focus of your writing. Instead, you should aim to include as much relevant information as possible to highlight your strengths and what you would bring to the employer. Word count should be used as a guide only.

  • Break your letter into paragraphs.

Your cover letter will usually end up being between a half-page and a full-page in length. Break up your content into three or four short paragraphs, which can be easily read by a hiring manager in a short space of time, Ultimately, your aim is for them to find your letter approachable and digestible.

  • Use whitespace strategically.

When writing your cover letter for your resume, be sure to take advantage of whitespace on the page. Strategic use of margins and spacing can make your letter more digestible for your audience, giving you a better chance of them turning the page to have a look at your resume. Importantly, be sure to include a blank space between paragraphs.

A cover letter is, quite literally, a professional letter addressed to a prospective employer as part of your application for a position. It usually accompanies your resume and is written in such a way as to introduce yourself, communicate your intent in applying, highlight your strengths, and outline your knowledge of the company.

Your resume is a quick reference document containing specific information about your education, skills/qualifications, and work history. Your resume can also provide employers with an idea of your career trajectory. Hiring managers use the information in your resume to determine if you are the “right fit” for an advertised job.


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Sandra Stokell

Patrick was amazing and so helpful developing my Resume and Cover Letter. Patrick and Paula I can’t thank you enough as it’s been such a long time since I needed to apply for a job the Information and service provided was excellent. Thank you.

David Djordjevic

Great service. Got made a resume and cover letter for fifo roles. Could not be any happier. Always had my emails replied to really fast.

Retief Hurter

Thank you so much. Money well spend. My resume and cover letter is great. Would refer you to friends and family. Will use you in the future again. Thank you!!

Eileen Khoo

I have not applied for a job in over 19 years. I am back in the job market and contacted Patrick and am very happy i did. Patrick was most responsive to all my queries and he completed my request efficiently and quickly. I am very happy with Patrick's work and would definitely recommend him to others in need of such a service.

Ketan Patel

All I can say is Patrick has done an outstanding work on my resume. He is very responsive and very approachable. I needed my resume to be redesigned urgently and Patrick made it happen that too without compromising on quality. I'm very happy with his work and will surely recommend his service. I'm sure he will win your heart with his skills. I'm glad that I dealt with Patrick.

Craig Aggett

Excellent service from Patrick. Very professional and didn't miss a thing. Highly recommend.

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