How Can LinkedIn Help Me Find a Job?


The above question is one I hear daily from my clients. They generally have setup a LinkedIn profile and then it sits there stagnant for long periods of time. I always recommend to clients to have an online presence to support your job search activities – LinkedIn is ideal for this.

For example, let’s say you are applying for a job with a business and have the contact person / hiring manager for the role. Why not search them on LinkedIn and send them a polite connection request? This will give you an invaluable insight into someone who may be interviewing you and will allow you to see them directly publish any other jobs which they may advertise going forward. Another benefit is that you are growing your connections which will help with your visibility and how often you show on searches.

Other ways LinkedIn could assist you in finding work are as follows:

Companies in Australia tend to advertise positions via LinkedIn and Seek along with other job boards dependant on sector. When a position is advertised on LinkedIn, it almost immediately is live and you can see it / apply. When a position is submitted to LinkedIn, you may have to wait around 24 hours before it becomes live on the Seek site. The best way to see these types of advertisements is to follow businesses that you are interested in working for via Companies section on LinkedIn.

Networking, networking, networking – LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with other professionals, hiring managers and recruiters in your sector. The more people you can build a relationship with online and actively follow it up, the better chance you have to find a job!

Groups – LinkedIn has many active Groups where professionals answer queries and discuss various topics relating to their expertise. If you maintain an input here and highlight your skills in the field, you may attract some welcome attention from hiring managers.

Recruiter / HR Search – Your LinkedIn should be populated with keywords and other necessary pieces of information / correct settings to allow people track you down. Recruiters use LinkedIn daily to find candidates for roles and over 84% of recruiters have successfully found candidates for roles via LinkedIn.

These are just a few ways in which LinkedIn can help you find and potentially create opportunities in your industry. I do hope this has helped and feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need assistance.

Good luck with the job hunt!



Professional Resume Writer and Job Search Expert