This year, I have reviewed thousands of Resumes across a broad range of industries. I am seeing time and time again the same mistakes when it comes to Resume Writing. Check out the Top 6 mistakes of 2019. 


1️⃣Your Resume is not ATS / Resume Scanner Compliant

More and more companies are utilising Applicant Tracking Systems and so many Resumes do not make it through. Don’t be a statistic and ensure your Resume is compliant.


2️⃣ HR Buzzwords

I am seeing more and more Resumes littered with jargon and fluffy content. Avoid words like “Team Player”, “Motivated”, “Enthusiastic” and “Interpersonal Skills”


3️⃣ No Achievements Listed

How can you sell yourself if you do not list your achievements? Get ahead of other candidates and highlight your value add to an operation.


4️⃣ Employment Gaps

Do not leave a significant job gap on your Resume without addressing it. It’s okay if you were a full-time parent, on a career break or travelling Asia!


5️⃣ Poor Formatting and Spelling Errors

A Resume is the first impression you make. Ensure it is a good one with a well-formatted document free from spelling errors.


6️⃣ Age Identifiers

Remove these from your Resume stat. These could be your date of birth, the year you completed a college degree, listing jobs from the 80s. Share with your network, this post could help someone land an interview!


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