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“Having Patrick work on updating my resume to be more inline with current industry requirements was an awesome experience.
Patrick communicated in a professional manner, provided timelines and delivered to those. The end result was an overall excellent experience I would recommend his services to anyone in need of advice or an overhaul
Thank you again Patrick”

Mark McLauchlin – Review Received October 14th 2016

Currently Looking for WHS/OHS Opportunities

“I contacted Patrick to help me improve my chances of making it to short-lists with the automated resume sorting software recruiters are using. Patrick understood my requirements and was able to reduce my resume from 7 pages to 3. The finished product is a professional resume that has a structure that is easily updated. Patrick does excellent work at a competitive price and I recommend his services.”

Adam Roebig – Review Received October 27th 2016

Mining Equipment Maintenance Specialist - Strategy and Execution

“Patrick did a great job updating my resume. After sending through my existing resume, he promptly replied with recommendations to improve it. After accepting the recommendations, Patrick scheduled a phone call to discuss my resume in great detail and answered any queries I had. Very quickly I was sent a draft copy of my resume and cover letter. They were formatted very well and I was very happy with the results. I highly recommend his services to enhance your resume.”

Steve Smith – Review Received November 10th 2016

Offshore Electronics Tech, Electrical & Instrumentation Tech

“I recommend Patrick’s “Resumes for Dudes” for his thoroughness and professional skills in gathering information, reviewing it and generating a quality resume. He makes an effort to interact fully with his customer and ensures the end result is well rounded based on his extensive experience and the customer’s career strengths and aspirations. The service is rapid and value for money .. If you thought you had your resume sorted, you may be surprised at what Patrick can do to present your credentials better.”

Richard Runciman

Reliability Engineer

“Patrick provided me with a professional resume and cover letter in a very short amount of time. He worked with me and produced a tailor made resume that has helped me get an interview within one week. This has been a great investment in my career!”

Daniel Turner

Project Engineer

“I was very impressed with the service Patrick offered. His response time was incredible and his turn around time was extremely fast. I would highly recommend his service to anyone as nearly all resume’s have room for improvement. “

Daniel Andrew

HME Supervisor

“Patrick was very professional and delivered what he promised. Final product was of a high standard and everything was done with a quick turn around. Very happy to recommend him to others.”

Stephen Kennedy

Mining & Metals Professional

“I was highly impressed by the professional service provided by Patrick – the final product , turnaround time to completion and just as importantly, his interpersonal skills to ensure that the clients needs were recognised.”

Doug Stewart

1SAP HSEC BPDL at BHP Billiton

“Patrick’s service was swift and inexpensive. I found the resume produced was of a very high standard and in line with what industry is looking for. His attention to detail was of a high standard. I recommend the use of this service.”

Christopher Millard

Maintenance and Project Management Specialist. GradCertMaintMgt – DipMgmt - DipProjMgmt

“I contacted Resumes For Dudes as I was having trouble securing a new role here in Perth. I only realised after receiving my new resume how bad my last one was. Within 1 week, I had 3 interviews lined up! Thanks again guys.”

Ciaran Keegan


“I received an excellent service from this company. Patrick made me a new professional resume in 24 hours and gave me lots of advice on my job search and applications. He helped me understand the market and how I can get interviews fast. Would highly recommend”

Ehsan Salehpour

Mechanical Engineer

“Patrick will help present your CV well and make it easy to read, guide you in how much to write (writing less really!), add some good stuff in that you do which you may have taken for granted and get it FIT for PURPOSE ie improve your strike rate of getting to the interview stage! I have already had excellent feedback from a respected recruiter. Thanks Patrick! John”

John Hars

Mechanical Engineer