5 Items to Remove From Your CV Now

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After having been heavily involved in resume writing in Perth for a long period of time, I have found these to be some of the most common mistakes on resumes today!

1. Date of Birth

Many people think that you must include your date of birth on your resume. You do not. Including this information allows the recruiter / potential employer be ageist. What if a hiring manager says to his HR contact that he wants someone between the age of 25-35 with X, Y and Z skills? You confidently apply knowing you have more than X, Y and Z skills but also mention your date of birth which indicates you are 37. Guess what, your application could most likely go into the no bundle! I have seen this happen. So, leave your date of birth off your resume and allow yourself be judged on your skills and not a date.

2. Personal Photograph

There are 2 main reasons I advise my clients not to include a personal photograph on a resume. Firstly, the viewer may simply not like the look of you! Some people find this hard to believe but in today’s world, people are judged on how they look. It is very subjective from person to person so do yourself a favour and leave your picture off. Another reason is that including this image on your file can cause issues with resume scanning software and prevent your applications from progressing for review. Of course, there are some exceptions to this point for positions where you are asked to provide a photo for events personnel, modelling, acting etc.

3. Red Font

I come across this time and time again as people think black text and red headers look good. When people see the colour red, they can subconsciously think stop or no which are negative connotations. We do not want people to think like this (even subconsciously) when reading your resume.

4. Referees

Leave these off your resume unless requested to include on the job application. These just take up space on your resume you could be using for selling your skills and listing your achievements. It also gives you more control over the process of referee checking as you can pick and choose what referees to provide at the relevant time along with giving your referees the heads up to expect a call.

5. Irrelevant Information

This is quite a broad point but get rid of anything on your resume which is not relevant or will not assist you in landing the job you are chasing. For example, I would not recommend including you like reading books or going to the cinema on your resume. Hiring managers are more concerned if you have the skills for the job. Also, do not list various half day internal team training courses from 14 years ago as they will not hold much, if any weight on your application and will just clog up your resume.


In conclusion, I do hope the above post has helped. I see these things everyday so please check your resume to make sure you are up to date. For more posts form me, check my LinkedIn page, my website blog page here and if you think this will assist any of your friends, colleagues or general network, please do share!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Patrick Harnett

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